You are invited to join the global community Next Generation Earth Observation Services – NextEOS, a Group on Earth Observations Community Activity that is open to all. 


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FIRST MEETING: 12th November 2020, 4 PM CET | 10 AM EST

2nd meeting: 7th January 2021, 4 PM CET | 10 AM EST | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST

3rd meeting: 4th February 2021, 4 PM CET | 10 AM EST | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST

4th meeting: 4th March 2021, 4 PM CET | 10 AM EST | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST

5th meeting: 8th April 2021, 4 PM CEST | 10 AM EDT | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST

6th meeting: 6th May 2021, 4 PM CEST | 10 AM EDT | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST

7th meeting: 4th June 2021, 4 PM CEST | 10 AM EDT | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST

8th meeting: 1st July 2021, 4 PM CEST | 10 AM EDT | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST

9th meeting: 2nd September 2021, 4 PM CEST | 10 AM EDT | 5 PM SAST | 11 PM CST


You can always contact the NextEOS leads any time:  


Nuno Catarino

Nuno Catarino – DEIMOS

Pedro Concalves

Pedro Concalves – TerraDue









DescriptionNextEOS brief

The quantity and quality of Earth observations, both space-based and in-situ, is growing rapidly, yet the transformation of data to information and knowledge to benefit our society remains a significant challenge. The aim of NEXT-EOS Community Activity is to facilitate faster uptake of Earth observations in science, applications, industry and services in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework and the GEO Societal Benefit Areas, and demonstrate the power of Earth observations in critical decision making process.


The NEXT-EOS Community Activity seeks to achieve faster uptake through operating a datahub and a set of platform services in support of Earth observation technology innovators & application builders. The NEXT-EOS Community Activity relies firstly on existing federated services provided by its members, leveraging EU funded resources and more. The NEXT-EOS Community Activity will work with other GEO Community Activities, Initiatives, and Flagships especially the regional hubs EuroGEO, AmeriGEO, AfriGEO and AOGEO, with the goal to improve interoperability and embrace best practices.


The NextGEOSS Data Hub and Platform provides the core resources with its data hub, platform services, based on internationally accepted standards, as well as the on-boarding process and capacity building resources designed as an ecosystem of interlinked services. Additional resources in terms of technology services and expertise from the GEO community at large ensures the testing and integration of new Earth observation applications and technologies.


NEXT-EOS Community Activity aims to offer a collaborative testbed environment dedicated to the integration, testing and transfer to operations of Earth observation based applications and knowledge. The results enrich the existing thematic knowledge throughout the GEO work program. The NEXT-EOS community is fundamentally user-centric, continuously identifying the needs of the GEO communities for the evolution of platform services serving the GEO communities.


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