The NextGEOSS project, a European contribution to GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems), is developing the next generation centralised European hub for Earth Observation data, where the users can connect to access data and deploy EO-based applications. The concept revolves around providing the data and resources to the users communities, together with Cloud resources, seamlessly connected to provide an integrated ecosystem for supporting applications.  A central component of NextGEOSS is the strong emphasis put on engaging the communities of providers and users, and bridging the space in between.

NextGEOSS has a special focus on encouraging and stimulating data exploitation by businesses. Capacity building is at the heart of NextGEOSS and the project will identify training needs to encourage wider user-engagement with EO data and its commercial potential in the next 3,5 years.


In order to deliver the next generation European Earth observation exploitation system for innovation and business, NextGEOSS will:

  • Implement a single access point, federated European data hub using state­ of­ the­ art data mining and discoverability techniques;
  • Implement Quality of Service and community feedback mechanisms on the European data hub;
  • Access to the most relevant data sources for Europe, across all major Earth Observation domains.


Engage: NextGEOSS has a focus on engaging a strong community of providers of EO data, and current and potential system users. It will provide a framework to ease the discovery and retrieval of this data (satellite-based remote sensing and in situ measurements) using best practices for search services, including standardized and harmonized access to the metadata and data coming from EO providers worldwide.

Deliver: NextGEOSS will facilitate the connectivity to the European and global data centers with new discovery and processing methods. It exploits the latest advances in EO data management, and will provide virtualized work environments and the necessary interfaces to leverage the storage and computing resources of private and commercial providers.

Advocate: NextGEOSS will advocate the use of GEOSS by organizing regular events, including annual high-profile summits. Furthermore, the Online Courses and Learning Kit will support the adoption of GEOSS technologies, through worldwide web-based events, supported by dedicated learning material focused on empowering communities to use GEOSS data sources.

For more information, consult the NextGEOSS Brochure!