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Do you have in-situ data?

Do as the European Environmental Agency, or the Citizen Observatory Scent and catalogue your data on NextGEOSS! JOIN US!

GEO NextEOS Community Activity

NextGEOSS invites you to join us in the new GEO NextEOS Community Activity.


Unique access point to the wide range of European Earth observation data.


Cloud platform, and ICT resources, to deploy Earth observation based applications.

Pilot Applications:

Earth observation based services, deployed with NextGEOSS data and platform, for the communities.

Latest News

A GEO community green paper on faster uptake of Earth observation

A GEO community Green Paper addressing challenges we are facing when speeding up the uptake of Earth observations in services is...

How to catalogue services and applications on NextGEOSS data hub

Making services and applications based on Earth observations easy to find and ultimately used by a wider community is a challenge...

Mosquito-borne diseases and Earth observation

Fighting Mosquito Borne Diseases with The Help of Earth Observation

For many of us, a mosquito bite is just annoying. Mosquitoes can spoil a warm summer night on the veranda, or...


Success Stories

NextGEOSS includes a set of demonstrative innovative (research) and business-oriented pilot activities, showcasing the system’s capabilities.