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#EUvsVirus Challenge: Can You Hack It?Pan-EUHackathon

Use NextGEOSS data hub to discover Earth observation data and join the European Commission online hackathon 24-26 April 2020


GEO NextEOS Community Activity

NextGEOSS invites you to join us in the new GEO NextEOS Community Activity.

Data Hub:

Unique access point to the wide range of European Earth observation data.

Platform Services:

Cloud platform, and ICT resources, to deploy Earth observation based applications.

Pilot Applications:

Earth observation based services, deployed with NextGEOSS data and platform, for the communities.

Latest News

NextGEOSS webinar May20

Webinar: Connecting Data Providers with Geosciences Communities

Earth, space, and environmental scientists are pushing the boundaries of human understanding of our complex world. They seek and use larger...


EUvsVirus – online hackathon 24-26 April 2020

Through our engagement with the ongoing Kampala INSPIRE hackathon and Dubrovnik INSPIRE hackathon, we have learned that Earth observations can contribute...

cataloging citizen science data

Citizen Science & Earth observations – Webinars 7th & 9th April 2020

NextGEOSS is supporting the open Dubrovnik INSPIRE hackathon and the Kampala INSPIRE hackathon, both all-virtual hackathons with built in webinars where...


Sucess Stories

NextGEOSS includes a set of demonstrative innovative (research) and business-oriented pilot activities, showcasing the system’s capabilities.