The Sustainable Development Goals encapsulate the main challenges of our society. Ranging from having access to fresh water, food and energy to health, security and economic growth. Earth observations play a central role in supporting these goals. Europe is investing in it’s flagship Earth observation programme, Copernicus, and other initiatives, providing enormous amounts of open data and information.


A major challenge is still in front of us: access to data and resources supporting service developers is still fragmented. The NextGEOSS project solution is to create a collaborative and standardised ecosystem where developers can find their way to build Earth observation based applications and services.


NextGEOSS provides a European GEO data hub and platform that serves as a unique access point for  a wide range of European Earth observation data seamlessly connected to a distributed processing platform that provides analytic and technical resources.


The Uniqueness of NextGEOSS

NextGEOSS is more than a simple catalogue and platform. To make sure the access to the data is easy and reliable, NextGEOSS data hub is coupled with advanced discovery tools and an integrated user feedback mechanism. We also provide customized user integration and service support for developers, helping them to maximise their experience, namely with automation and scaling of applications.

One of the most important characterics of the NextGEOSS ecosystem is that it is being developed with the communities and for the communities. We are co-designing NextGEOSS with ten pilot services, ranging from food security to solar energy, developing the platform further.

Our mission is to bring European Earth observation resources closer to the users, ensuring effective support in important decision making processes.


The NextGEOSS Experience

NextGEOSS has developed a five step experience for the user communities. We start by engaging with EO developer communities. We then assess their data needs and add this data to NextGEOSS catalogue. The third step is to setup the processing platform, with the development environment and tools tailored to the needs of the developers. We finally support the service operation with our Service Desk and facilities for monitoring the operation activities.


Invitation to engage with NextGEOSS

NextGEOSS is now offering the unique opportunity to test our ecosystem, benefiting from our services and support team. Become a co-designer contributing to the data hub and platform, service improvements, and deploy your service in NextGEOSS for a fully optimised experience.


All we ask in return is your feedback. Are you interested? Learn how to engage with us here