Collaboration across the plethora of projects and activities comprising a European Earth observation ecosystem is desired and expected, but not necessary easy to achieve.


NextGEOSS has an ambitious strategy to engage with this Earth observation ecosystem, a system that is under continuous development. One of NextGEOSS implementation frameworks is the INSPIRE Hackathon and the annual INSPIRE conference.


The INSPIRE Hackathon

The INSPIRE Hackathon is built on a concept that is different than for most hackathons, it is a process rather than an event. This year the INSPIRE Hackathon is focused on the use of APIs, a topic that is highly relevant for all our pilots. Combinations, accessibility, and existence of APIs are concerns shared by communities in all societal areas so it is also easy to find common ground for cooperation with other H2020 projects and activities in Europe. Led by the Plan4All Association, 3 international organizations, 2 European data portals, and 5 H2020 projects are together with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) organizing the 2018 INSPIRE Hackathon. The Hackathon consists of a virtual and a face-to-face component, and the finale will take place at the INSPIRE conference in Antwerp on September 19th with a follow-up session on September 21st, the final day of the conference.

INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 logo

“The INSPIRE Hackathon is not an event, it is a process”

– Karel Charvat, co-founder of the INSPIRE Hackathon and NextGEOSS partner HS-RS


NextGEOSS Cold Regions pilot, INTAROS and DataBio

Enrichment of Earth observations data is of interest to NextGEOSS, INTAROS and DataBio, all three representing big investments by the European Commission, all three concentrating their development work around concrete pilots – demonstrations of use of Earth observations in concrete applications and services.


“The INSPIRE Hackathon provides a framework to collaborate on defining a concrete development task, a task that is possible to implement within the limited time of the hackathon”

– Torill Hamre, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, NERSC and NextGEOSS Cold Regions pilot lead


NextGEOSS, INTAROS, and DataBio have found that they all want to combine information about the Earth’s biosphere and physical characteristics, information that is based on Copernicus space segment, services, and in-situ data, together with statistics and economic data related to fisheries activities in polar regions (INSPIRE data). The three projects have different perspectives on the topic so combining these will result in more interesting and valuable information.


NextGEOSS Training

NextGEOSS 5-steps user experience is enabling easy access to NextGEOSS European data hub and platform. To facilitate this user experience for our pilots, and future external pilots, NextGEOSS is organizing a face-to-face training. Led by Institute for Environmental Analytics, UK, and with expert contributions from several of NextGEOSS partners, including TerraDue, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Viderum, BLB and others, we offer a unique, and FREE, face-to-face training in Geneva on 11th September, the day before the EuroGEOSS workshop.


“The day will be a community capacity building event, bringing together a range of scientific specialists who are using and shaping the NextGEOSS platform for varied applications – from air quality to food production”

– Vicky Lucas, Institute for Environmental Analytics and NextGEOSS Training Manager


This training can be used to speed up the development of each pilot, be it a NextGEOSS or any other pilot with similar workflow. The timing is also really good with respect to making the best of the development work being done in the INSPIRE Hackathon friendly competing teams.


Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and NextGEOSS: Partners in Interoperability

Enrichment of Earth observations through Application Programming Interface (API) or other means of interoperability strategies is a viable route to more valuable information for science, businesses, and decision-makers. Making open data and systems interoperable is at heart of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as a standardization body and as partner of NextGEOSS it was not hard for the two to decide to share a booth at the INSPIRE Conference – make it work together!


During the INSPIRE Conference 18-21 September 2018 there will be live broadcasts where we talk to various experts, pilot demonstrations and plenty of opportunity to discuss collaboration.


Marie-Francoise Voidrot and Bente Lilja Bye invite your to engage with NextGEOSS

Marie-Francoise Voidrot, OGC (right) and Bente Lilja Bye, BLB (left) invite your to engage with NextGEOSS

NextGEOSS – A European Incubator for Earth Observation Applications and Services

“NextGEOSS is a European incubator facilitating access to thematic communities that are using Earth observations.”

– Emmanuel Pajot, The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) and NextGEOSS partner responsible for exploitation strategies


At the INSPIRE conference people from science, government and business sectors meet. NextGEOSS partner The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) has a booth at the conference and between the OGC and NextGEOSS booth and EARSC booth you should have a great opportunity to explore possibilities to collaborate, even co-create future solutions with us.


“NextGEOSS has two very important characteristics. One is that it is a fully scalable system and platform, the other one is that it is being developed in a collaborative way.”

– Nuno Catarino, DEIMOS and Coordinator of NextGEOSS


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