NextGEOSS has a number of pilots using EGI cloud resources. Furthermore, NextGEOSS core services are hosted in the EGI cloud, for example the CKAN cluster and the user management portal. Hervé Caumont, Terradue will give a presentation about Terradue’s experience using the EGI cloud as part of the NextGEOSS project using one of the pilots as an example use case.

During the webinar, our colleagues from EGI, Diego Scardaci and Bjӧrn Backeberg, will introduce the marketplace and will provide an overview of the EGI service catalogue as well as a live demo on how to order services via the Marketplace, and explaining back-end processes.


Join us Thursday 6th December 12:00 CET to learn more

The EGI Marketplace: A streamlined approach to accessing advanced computing services

The webinar will also be an opportunity for the Earth observation community to get a closer look at the how services can be discovered and ordered on the EGI marketplace.


The webinar “EGI Marketplace – A streamlined approach to accessing advanced computing services” targets the Earth observation community, but particularly addresses the needs of the NextGEOSS project partners.


The EGI Service Catalog and Marketplace provides a transparent, streamlined approach for users to access advanced computing infrastr

ucture and is an online platform for accessing and ordering advanced computing services to make research and innovation happen. Join us in this webinar and see how it has been used by NextGEOSS.


Webinar Agenda


  • NextGEOSS Cloud Computing needs managed by Terradue: key benefits of the new EGI Marketplace by Hervé Caumont (Terradue)
  • Overview of the EGI Service Catalog” by Diego Scardaci (EGI Foundation)
  • How to order a service through the EGI Marketplace and what happens in the back-end” by Bjorn Backeberg (EGI Foundation)

Meet the experts

Hervé is Terradue’s Operations Officer in charge of supporting science and commercial users on Terradue Cloud Platform. He is coordinating the integration of partner services on the Platform. Hervé is a senior architect in charge of developing and maintaining Terradue’s business relationships across international projects and institutions, managing corporate programs for business development, product line innovation, and solutions marketing. He has expertise in the development and transfer to operations of scientific, environmental and military solutions delivering geospatial informations. He holds a Masters of Sciences in Electronics Engineering, and a Masters Degree applied in Remote Sensing and Image Processing from the University of Toulouse.

Diego works as Senior User Community Support and Outreach Officer at EGI Foundation. Diego has been involved in several projects, related to Research Infrastructure and e-Infrastructure and co-funded by the European Commission in the context of FP6, FP7 and Horizon2020, fulfilling several management roles since 2006. He is currently co-chair of the EOSC-hub activity management board. His expertise covers many areas: user support, operations and services development. Before joining EGI, Diego worked with INFN and in the R&D center of the Telecom Italia group. Diego holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Catania.


Björn is Senior User Community Support Officer of the EGI Foundation. He supports research communities from various domains, enabling their scientific applications by assisting them in making the best possible use of the advanced computing and data storage services available through the pan-European Infrastructure that forms part of the EGI federation of cloud providers and data centres. Björn holds a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from the University of Cape Town. His research focused on the development of operational oceanography and ocean monitoring and forecasting systems supporting the development of decision support tools for marine and maritime end-users. Before he joined EGI, Björn worked at the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, where he played a strategic role developing, conceptualising and leading large R&D and industrial projects.