NextGEOSS Release 1.0

NextGEOSS, the European Data Hub and Platform funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme, provides access to Earth Observation (EO) data to the European users’ communities, together with a suite of platform services and Cloud resources, seamlessly connected to provide an integrated system for supporting applications contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). NextGEOSS Release 1.0 is now available, the public launch of the European Data Hub and the platform services.


How to easily access Earth Observation data you need to build your application

The large amount of data resulting from satellite and in situ providers have a great potential to be transformed into usable information to address the SDGs and other key societal challenges. This vast amount of data also brings a challenge: fragmented access to data and resources supporting services’ developers. NextGEOSS is an integrated system bridging the gap between data and resources. NextGEOSS catalogue enables users to easily explore European EO data and services, and the platform services empower developers to build their own R&D or commercial applications with dedicated tools and support.


Explore and Experience NextGEOSS European Data Hub and Platform

NextGEOSS is welcoming European projects, initiatives and developers supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, to:


Link Datapromote and increase visibility of your data to a wider community by cataloguing your project data in NextGEOSS Data Hub, keeping the data findable for users in alternative available access points.

Showcase Applicationyour project results can be of great value for others, also after the project ends. Cataloguing results like applications and services on NextGEOSS catalogue can be part of your project sustainability strategy or legacy.

Integrate Pilotyour service can now be integrated into our NextGEOSS platform, have open access to our European Data Hub fully customized to your needs, and benefit from a tailored integration process, platform services and dedicated support for your operations.


For more information about NextGEOSS, explore this website. Follow NextGEOSS on Twitter (@NextGEOSS) to get more frequent updates on the project’s activities, or contact the team at