NextGEOSS will be at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assemby in Vienna 7. – 12. April 2019.

We are contributing with both presentations and a so-called splinter meeting (SMP21); a mini hands-on training for scientists in need of platform services for analysis and development of Earth observation based applications and services.

Here is an overview of where you can meet us during the EGU week in lovely Vienna:


Tuesday 9th April:

12:00 EGU2019-18822

New Web-Based services for Earth Observation applications 

Marie-Francoise Voidrot-Martinez, et al.


Wednesday 10th April:

FREE Mini Training

Splinter session 10:45 – 13:45 (30 mins for lunch at 12:00) Room 0.16 or REMOTE ATTENDANCE


Audience/ Who is it for: open to all at EGU, to those working with GEO and sharing work/results within the GEO communities. For beginners, including interaction and brief hands-on training on tools



10:45 Welcome and general overview of NextGEOSS including the 5-step onboarding process (Bente Lilja Bye, BLB & Marie-Francoise Voidrot, OGC)

11:00 NextGEOSS Data Hub (Jovanka Gulicoska, Datopian)

An introduction to CKAN on NextGEOSS


11:20 NextGEOSS Platform Services (Hervé Caumont, Terradue)


Hybrid Cloud – a Provider agnostic approach for GEO

11:40 Onboarding – a demo with focus on step 1  (Marie-Francoise Voidrot, OGC)


12:00 Q&A with FOOD! 


12:30 Catalogue search and data harvesting (Jovanka Gulicoska, Datopian)

12:45 User Feedback (Joan Maso, UAB)

13:00 Cloud Integration (Hervé Caumont, Terradue)

13:15 Analytics (Koushik Panda, DEIMOS)

13:30 Conclusion and capacity building

13:45 End


Thursday 11th April:

11:30 EGU2019-19039

Defragmentation of the European Earth observation ecosystem: The NexGEOSS data hub and platform serving science communities that create Earth observation based applications and services 

Bente Bye et al.


People from NextGEOSS that you can meet at EGU

Jovanka Gulicoska

Jovanka Gulicoska, Datopian

Marie-Francoise Voidrot

Marie-Francoise Voidrot, OGC

Koushik Panda

Koushik Panda, DEIMOS

Joan Maso

Joan Maso, UAB

Herve Caumont

Herve Caumont, Terradue