Earth, space, and environmental scientists are pushing the boundaries of human understanding of our complex world. They seek and use larger and more varied data in their research with a growing need for data integration and synthesis across and among scientific domains. Tools, services, and data skills are critical resources to the research ecosystem in order to enable the harmonization and integration of data with different temporal and spatial ranges.


NextGEOSS approach

The geosciences communities share common challenges related to effective use of the vast and growing amount of data as well as the continueous development of new technology. It is therefore a great potential in learning from the experiences and knowledge aquired across the various fields.  NextGEOSS is building a European data hub and platform to support the Earth observation communities with a set of tools and services through the platform. The suite of tools on the platform alllows scalablitly, interoperability and transparency in a flexible way, well suited to serve a multifaceted interdisciplinary community, NextGEOSS is developed with and for multiple communities, the NextGEOSS pilots. This has resulted and continues to provide transfer of experience and knowledge along the whole value chain from data provision to applications and services based on multiple sources of data.


Join our webinar

In the webinar “NextGEOSS data hub and platform – connecting data providers with geosciences communities” on Wednesday 20th May, 1 pm CEST, we will introduce the NextGEOSS data hub and platform and show some illustrative examples of the exchange of knowledge that facilitates faster uptake of data and advances in use of new technology. An onboarding system is benefitting for existing and new users. A capacity building strategy is an integral part of both the onboarding and the individual services, which will be highligthed in this presentation. We will also let you know how you can continue to cooperate with us and what you can do to become a long lasting member of the dynamic Earth observation community we have created around NextGEOSS.


Join the GEO NextEOS Community Activity

NextGEOSS is here to stay – and you are invited to join us in the GEO NextEOS Community Activity of the GEO work programme. Together, we will co-create the future geosciences communities empowered by Earth observations. In the webinar you will learn how you can team up with us.