Data has no meaning unless the data providers add metadata, data and information about the data. This can be basic information such as time and place of when and where the data was collected. It can also be information about the surroundings of the location of the place where the data was collected. For users it is also very valuable to learn about how somebody else has used the data, what it was used for, the problem that was being addressed, and the experience the user had. Was the data a good fit? 

Producer metadata may not be informative enough for users. Users’ perspective on data usage and data quality is useful and complementary to common information included on the metadata (i.e. data quality informed by the data producer about lineage of the data, quality indicators, etc). This user complementary information can be acquired including a feedback system in the geospatial portals.

The feedback systems allows users to create valuable metadata about resources structured in feedback items targeting each resource they are interested in, have used, etc. There are plenty of elements that can be included in a feedback item about a resource (or a group of them) such as ratings, comments, usage description, related publications, additional lineage steps or significant events description.

All these elements are helpful for data providers, as they are a way to gather users’ interests, problems, proposals, etc. And are of course helpful for data users as they help building a knowledge base which includes knowledge created by the users.

NextGEOSS Geospatial User Feedback allows storing reproducible usage and consequently help users to collectively build a knowledge hub for the benefit of users across disciplines

Feedback collection systems should be implemented in community portals to gather users’ feedback information. Moreover, if this collection and storage is done following international standards such as OGC Geospatial User Feedback (GUF), this information can be shared and collected among several catalogs, increasing its usefulness.

In the NextGEOSS data hub you can provide geospatial user feedback on several levels, data sets, data collections, and more.

NiMMbus, the GUF service developed in NextGEOSS has been extended to include reproducible usage, that can be used to store knowledge created by users. Moreover, the widget to include GUF connection in any portal has also been extended, so it is a moment to rethink new uses of the portals’ connection to GUF in order to explode all the functionalities it offers now.

NextGEOSS is a European Commission-funded, H2020 Research & Innovation Action developing the next-generation centralised European hub for Earth Observation (Earth observation) data, where users can discover and access data as well as deploy Earth observation-based applications. Services are rolled out via 11 NextGEOSS Pilots covering areas such as Agricultural Monitoring, Biodiversity, Disaster Risk Reduction, Smart Cities, and more. The main users for NextGEOSS services include Earth observation Data providers and app developers, science and innovation users such as researchers and academics, downstream commercial services, as well as government (civil and defense) policy- and decision-makers.

Alaitz ZabalaAlaitz Zabala is a researcher at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB). She holds an European PhD degree in Geography in 2010, MSc in Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and a Bch in Environmental Sciences. Her main research interests are metadata, geographical information standardization, data quality and user-feedback metadata, as well as lossy compression effects on remote sensing and resulting cartography and image classification. Teacher in several undergrad and grad studies, mainly in RS and GIS courses. In NextGEOSS, Alaitz is responsible mainly for developing and integrating the NiMMbus service, as a Geospatial User Feedback service for NextGEOSS as well as external partners

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You can learn from both the developers of the NextGEOSS Geospatial User Feedback Service and some of the users of the service in the NextGEOSS webinar series:  NextGEOSS User Feedback Service for Providers-Users Interactions on Friday 25th September at 14:00 CEST. REGISTRATION (link)  - later the recordings will be posted on NextGEOSS YouTube channel.

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