Come and join us at our side event of ESA’s PhiWeek 2020! Thursday October 1st, 9:30-11:00 CEST


NextGEOSS data hub and platform – serving Earth observation communities towards 2030

Objectives and expected outcomes:
Inform the audience about the NextGEOSS data hub and platform today and that NextGEOSS is here to stay. Show how data providers and users of Earth observations, today and in the future can benefit from the NextGEOSS resources. Expand the user community around NextGEOSS and GEO NextEOS community activity.


Short description:
In this side event the audience will learn about the NextGEOSS data hub and platform. A selection of examples from multiple application areas such as biodiversity, security, cold regions, agriculture and more.


NextGEOSS offers a unique user experience: starting by engaging with communities in order to understand their specific needs, thereafter making the data the community need available via the data hub, set up the platform with a development environment tailored to the community requirements so that their pilots can be integrated, interfacing their community portal and finally support their service operation.


The side event is organized as a webinar with presentations of the data hub, the platform services, the NextGEOSS 5-step user experience and onboarding process as well as selected examples from the current users. In addition the audience will learn multiple ways to engage with and benefit from these resources in the future towards 2030, including in the GEO NextEOS Community Activity.


The event is addressing the general Phi-week audience, including developers, Earth scientists, public and private decision-makers, policy-makers, etc.


Detailed agenda:

  • 09:30 Introduction, Bente Lilja Bye, BLB
  • 09:35 NextGEOSS data hub and platform overview,  Nuno Catarino, DEIMOS 
  • 09:45 NextGEOSS data hub including OpenSearch API, Jovanka Gulicoska, Datopian, David Cordeiro, DEIMOS, Koushik Panda, DEIMOS
  • 09:55 The NextGEOSS platform services, Herve Caumont, Terradue
  • 10:05 The NextGEOSS 5-step user experience and onboarding process, Marie-Francoise Voidrot, OGC  
  • 10:15 Examples of how Earth observation communities have used NextGEOSS data hub and platform to contribute to reach the SDGs, Bram Janssen, VITO 
  • 10:25 The NextGEOSS offers and future plans, Koushik Panda, DEIMOS 
  • 10:35 How to join GEO NextEOS community activity, Bente Lilja Bye, BLB
  • 10:45 Discussion
  • 11:00 END

JOIN US 9:30 CEST October 1st 2020!

Φ-week is the annual Earth Observation event organised by ESA-EOP. It focuses on innovation in Earth Observation, and showcases the latest achievements in Earth Observation science, technology and applications. This year, the event will be virtual taking place between 28 September – 02 October 2020, featuring invited talks only.