Making services and applications based on Earth observations easy to find and ultimately used by a wider community is a challenge for our society at large. We are empowered by Earth observations, enormous amounts of data, in-situ and space-based as well as other types of data we combine to create knew knowledge, services and applications.


NextGEOSS is serving the Earth observation communities with making the services and applications, their data input and output, easy to find and ultimately re-used through the NextGEOSS data hub. Below we have collected supportive information to make the task of cataloguing (meta data) as swift and easy as possible.


What does the NextGEOSS data hub offer

Short introduction to what NextGEOSS data hub offers:





Introduction to data cataloguing on NextGEOSS data hub:




Preparing your data/services/applications

In principle all types of data, services and applications can be catalogued on NextGEOSS data hub, In these guidelines you can read about what information about what you want to catalogue we need on our end. Reading this will also help you make an estimate of how long time or the amount of personhours is needed on your end. This will be important for your total planning of resources.


Service cataloguing user guide



Technical guidance for ISO 19115 metadata files generation




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