A GEO community Green Paper addressing challenges we are facing when speeding up the uptake of Earth observations in services is part of the activity in the GEO NextEOS community activity. These challenges are however relevant across the entire GEO work program and as part of the GEO symposium 2021 a spotlight session is dedicated to inform and invite all that are interested in the topic to help define the process and contribute to the Green Paper. A first rough draft of Green Paper outlining state-of-the-art within thematic areas, technology, interoperability, capacity development and sustainability is presented as an introduction and basis for further engagement. The focus is Earth observations in services. As a community we want to Identify the most pressing challenges we need to solve. These challenges will be key components of the Green Paper along with  suggestions and guidelines with respect to finding solutions.


The Program for the GEO symposium spotlight session(s) (30 min)

  1. Welcome/Bente Lilja Bye, co-chair NextEOS 
  2. Introducing the Green Paper: Faster Uptake of Earth observation/Helena Los Duarte, DEIMOS
  3. Uptake of Earth observations in Europe: Concrete examples from e-shape’s pilots/Thierry Ranchin, e-shape coordinator
  4. Uptake of Earth observation in AfriGEO/Phoebe Odour, AfriGEO
  5. Uptake of Earth observation in AmeriGEO, Angelica Gutierrez, AmeriGEO
  6. Data sharing – interoperability for service providers/Marie-Francoise Voidrot, OGC/Joan Maso, CREAF
  7. Proposed process to complete the Green Paper, invitation to contribute/Ana Ponte, co-chair NextEOS
  8. Signing up for contributors to the Green Paper

The spotlight session was held twice to accommodate different time zones. Note that the AfriGEO presentation  and the AmeriGEO presentation were unfortunately not recorded. The slides can be found in the program above though.


Zoom room Tuesday 22nd 10 am CEST spotlight HERE

Zoom room Wednesday 23rd 6 pm CEST spotlight HERE


We hope to engage members of the GEO community across all the regional GEOs and encourage those with an interest in sharing their knowledge and influence the future Faster Uptake of Earth Observation in SERVICES to volunteer via the button below.



NextGEOSS and many of its partners are actively contributing the NextEOS Green Paper on Faster Uptake of Earth Observation.