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Do you have in-situ data?

Do as the European Environmental Agency, or the Citizen Observatory Scent and catalogue your data on NextGEOSS! JOIN US!


GEO NextEOS Community Activity

NextGEOSS invites you to join us in the new GEO NextEOS Community Activity.

Data Hub:

Unique access point to the wide range of European Earth observation data.

Platform Services:

Cloud platform, and ICT resources, to deploy Earth observation based applications.

Pilot Applications:

Earth observation based services, deployed with NextGEOSS data and platform, for the communities.

Latest News

NextGEOSS User Feedback Service for Providers-Users Interactions

Data has no meaning unless the data providers add metadata, data and information about the data. This can be basic information...


NextGEOSS created the data hub and platform with the help of users represented by pilots developing various services based on Earth...

NextGEOSS webinar May20

Webinar: Connecting Data Providers with Geosciences Communities

Earth, space, and environmental scientists are pushing the boundaries of human understanding of our complex world. They seek and use larger...


Sucess Stories

NextGEOSS includes a set of demonstrative innovative (research) and business-oriented pilot activities, showcasing the system’s capabilities.