About NextGEOSS

NextGEOSS is a centralised European Earth observation data hub and platform. The concept revolves around providing the data and ICT resources needed, together with cloud services, seamlessly connected to provide an integrated ecosystem to support the deployment of Earth observation-based applications and services.




NextGEOSS, an European Commission’s contribution Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS),  is funded by the H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 730329.

An integrated system to support the development of Earth observation based applications

Data Hub:

Unique access point to the wide range of European Earth observation data.

Platform Services:

Cloud platform, and ICT resources, to deploy Earth observation based applications.

Pilot Applications:

Earth observation based services, deployed with NextGEOSS data and platform, for the communities.

NextGEOSS Value Proposition


Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Increased monitoring capacity and information based on Earth observations.


Promoting continuous user feedback on the European Data Hub

  • Improved efficiency in delivering and finding fit-for-purpose GEOSS data and information.


Ensuring Quality of Service

  • Automated Quality of Service information, including on data access.


Enabling community enhancement

  • Solutions developed with the communities for the communities, creating relevant tools tailored to meet users specific needs.

Running since the end of 2016 until mid 2020, NextGEOSS project consortium is currently working in the development of the data hub and platform, and promoting pilot activities towards innovative GEOSS powered applications.


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