Oceanic Drift Models

Since 2009, CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites) has developed and maintains a suite of drift models named MOBIDRIFT, allowing the simulation of object drift at sea.

Smart Cities

Purpose of this task is to promote the use of Earth observations in Smart Cities and to bring Smart City sensor reading into GEOSS (mostly in-situ), so that they can be used in combination with other data sets to make derived products, validate, calibrate or qualify other sources of data or build a rapid evaluation assessment of the situation in case of crisis situations.

Territorial Planning

This pilot aims to design an intuitive web based interface that allows users to train, classify and analyse satellite based LULC and LULC change maps.

Food Security

The overall objective of this pilot activity is to demonstrate how NextGEOSS faciliates the use and processing of Sentinel-2 data for crop monitoring.