How to catalogue services and applications on NextGEOSS data hub

Making services and applications based on Earth observations easy to find and ultimately used by a wider community is a challenge...

Cloud Bursting

- Get your Cloud-ready application available as a “Cloud appliance” and access the deployer service matching your Cloud provider provisioning arrangements; - Adapt your cloud deployment strategies as new opportunities come to you.

Geospatial User Feedback

- Add user feedback capabilities to your services to build a knowledge base and a collaborative platform for your community portal - Improve community engagement and increased trust in your services

User Management

- Make your applications' users authenticated via Single-Sing-On (SSO), Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) in a federated environment - Get intelligent access control to enforce your data or service policies as well as your auditing needs

Analytics and Dashboards

- Monitor the performance & health measurements of your service - Get access to operational dashboards, and learn from the actual usages of your system

Cloud Integration

- Benefit from standard integrations layers to integrate, test, build, package and deploy your data processing algorithm on cloud - Get your web application more robust in exploiting data sources

Data Discovery

- Make use of the open NextGEOSS Data Hub to discover the latest data - Benefit from standard OpenSearch API for continuous data stream for your applications