Agricultural Monitoring

This pilot has a focus on the analysis of time series of data, both EO-data from satellite missions (Proba-V as time series spanning multiple years and Sentinel-2 as a time series over a growing season), and in-situ measurements related to agronomy and meteo.

Space & Security

Earth observation data for the Space and security domain are currently showing an unprecedented scenario in terms of variety, volume, velocity, veracity and value.


The biodiversity community still lacks a global observing system for biodiversity monitoring. Therefore there is an urgent need from the remote sensing community to feed information towards Essential Biodiversity Variables to fill the spatial and temporal gaps in between in-situ biodiversity observation data from the field.

Cold Regions

This pilot has a focus on showcasing examples of products for selected areas in Cold Regions, combining remote sensing data, in situ data and model products from relevant European infrastructures and international frameworks.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) pilot aims to provide an enhanced landslide risk assessment framework based on the statistical analysis of long time series of satellite and geospatial data accessible through the NextGEOSS Data Hub.