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Join Us

What if you could get easy access to advanced tools and services to solve your scientific challenges? What if you could even influence the development of such tools and services?

We in NextGEOSS are offering several ways of working with us on the next generation European information hub and cloud platform for Earth observations.

NextGEOSS in a blink:

What: a European information hub and cloud platform for Earth observations

Why: speed up and expand the use of Earth observations in Europe

For Who: scientists, administrators, decision-makers, policy-makers, general public


There are multiple ways you can start working with NextGEOSS right away:

Evaluate and decide if you want to have your data catalogued in NextGEOSS, and/or if you also want to include your results like new data products, applications, and services. Perhaps you are ready to propose a whole pilot to be developed and placed on NextGEOSS.

  • Fill in our questionnaires so that we can start having a dialogue around cataloguing your data, project and/or services. There are 2 questionnaires: one for when you consider to catalogue your data in NextGEOSS, and another in case you want your project and/or service(s) catalogued – please complete the one most relevant to you.
  • A second way is to consider using NextGEOSS tools and services for your own pilot. You can start this process by filling out a short 10-minute online questionnaire for your pilot candidate.

You can also engage with us by attending our events, follow us on social media, or simply contact Marie-Francoise Voidrot via email:

 All information will be treated confidentially and anonymously.