Data User Questionnaire

If you use (or want to use) Earth observations or geospatial data in research, analysis or operational services, please click here to complete the short, 10-minute survey.


NextGEOSS partner Euroconsult has been mandated to study the NextGEOSS benefits and impacts to data end users and providers, as well as study the future sustainability of the project.


We would be very grateful if you could help us gather this critical data by filling out a short, 10-minute online survey. There are 2 surveys: one for data users, and one for data providers – please complete the one most relevant to you. All information will be treated confidentially and anonymously.


For any clarifications or questions, please contact:

Simon Seminari, Euroconsult Senior Consultant
+33 1 49 23 75 23


We thank you in advance for your collaboration.

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