Link Your Data

Link Your Data

Do you want to promote and increase the visibility of your data to a wider GEO community?

“All roads lead to Rome” they say. Let us help you create yet another road to your data so that a wider audience can find and reach them. If there are roadblocks you can offer your users alternative routes and make your data findable on a reliable basis.

NextGEOSS offers a new route for potential users of your data to discover and access your data

If for some reason your favourite roads are blocked or need maintenance, cataloguing your data on NextGEOSS will keep them findable for users and will provide alternative available access points if any.



Your data will be catalogued with metadata about its origins.


Fit-for-purpose information connected to your data

All the data we catalogue are all linked to concrete use cases. This way a visitor will always be informed about what kind of use the data have been successfully used for and can faster and better evaluate if the data is what they need for their use case.
Your potential users will get information on fit-for-purpose while discovering your data. They will also be able to
give their valuable feedback enabling you to better target your user community, improve your data or your communication.


It is FREE

NextGEOSS has the same vision as GEO. We advocate Earth Observation data and information for all.

This means you don’t have to pay to access it.

What does it cost in a time investment on your side?

That depends on how you have stored your data. If you have a standardized API it is done in a whiff, especially if you already also use metadata
We’ll be happy to advise you on issues related to metadata if this is not yet done on your side. We have lots of experience from our 10 pilots to
share with you.
If you already did catalogue your data, we can also help you make your data become visible through our data hub rather swiftly targeting a
valuable community.


Get started!

If you have a European service or project generating Earth Observation related data, we encourage you to have your data catalogued in
NextGEOSS. This will give you more visibility, especially in the European GEO community and future EuroGEOSS initiatives, will contribute to
making it access more reliable and will support a valuable communication with your users community.

Just share with us some basic information by answering a short questionnaire in 10 minutes and we’ll contact you soon.


We are gathering information to construct the fitted strategy to improve the visibility of your data for the community.

Let us know your interest in promoting your data in NextGEOSS Data catalogue by raising a request on NextGEOSS Service Desk!



For any clarifications or questions, please contact: