Showcase Your Application

Showcase Your Application

Do you want your project/service be promoted and discovered by a wider GEO community?

Your project results can be of great value for others, also after the end of your project. By cataloguing your application or service results on
NextGEOSS we are defragmenting the European contribution to GEO, leveraging European investments collectively supporting GEO
and the global GEO community with findable new information, be its applications or services.



Cataloguing results like applications and services on NextGEOSS can be part of your project sustainability strategy. Or project legacy.
NextGEOSS is happy to catalogue your project too so that it is easier for the GEO communities to provide overviews of the immense investments
made both by European funders and project participants.



Let us know your interest in promoting your GEO related European project or service in NextGEOSS catalogue by raising a request on NextGEOSS Service Desk!


For any clarifications or questions, please contact: