Earth Observation Systems creating products and knowledge for the Mediterranean
August 27, 2021

Earth Observation Systems creating products and knowledge for the Mediterranean Challenges The volume of Marine Big Data has increased dramatically in…

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A GEO community green paper on faster uptake of Earth observation
June 21, 2021

A GEO community Green Paper addressing challenges we are facing when speeding up the uptake of Earth observations in services is…

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Mosquito-borne diseases and Earth observation
Fighting Mosquito Borne Diseases with The Help of Earth Observation
February 22, 2021

For many of us, a mosquito bite is just annoying. Mosquitoes can spoil a warm summer night on the veranda, or…

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Air Pollution in Megacities
December 2, 2020

The NextGEOSS Pilot “Air Pollution in Megacities” offers a service-on-demand for analysing air pollution and urban growth in cities and megacities…

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Space & Security
December 2, 2020

The entire world is facing challenges that are more diverse and less predictable than before. Areas like urbanization, social movements, political…

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NextGEOSS agriculture success
November 25, 2020

Food insecurity and agricultural market volatility are some of biggest challenges in developing countries. In addition, food security has been recognized…

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data hub updates
NextGEOSS Data Hub Updates: More Data – Learn More – Mobile Friendly
November 3, 2020

The NextGEOSS data hub is being continuously updated with new data providers, more data set, and improved user interface. Here are…

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NextGEOSS at ESA’s PhiWeek 2020
September 30, 2020

Come and join us at our side event of ESA’s PhiWeek 2020! Thursday October 1st, 9:30-11:00 CEST   NextGEOSS data hub…

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NextGEOSS User Feedback Service for Providers-Users Interactions
September 23, 2020

Data has no meaning unless the data providers add metadata, data and information about the data. This can be basic information…

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NextGEOSS biodiversity success
July 9, 2020

UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) post-2020 targets require governments, companies and managers to capitalize indicators to…

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