First snapshot of the European Infrastructures and platforms for EuroGEO



  • European infrastructures and platforms for Earth observations
  • Different types of platforms
  • Platforms based on Ellip
  • Platforms for the industry - the eoMall
  • How you can strengthen or join the EuroGEO community - in projects and in GEO

What: In addition to the overview of infrastructure and platforms, we zoom in on a subset of these platforms that are based on Terradue's ELLIP software. NextGEOSS is one of them, and several of the European Space Agency's Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs). We also take a closer look at the eoMall, a platform for the Earth observation industry sector.

Why now: The amount of Earth Observation data and derived products is increasing rapidly. Accessing and processing of these can be complicated and finding the right infrastructure and platform fitting YOUR needs can be cumbersome. Through the H2020 project e-shape, a snapshot of some 40 infrastructures and platforms will give you a better basis for evaluation.

Who is it for: Earth Observation data producers or managers, scientists,citizens, data managers, … H2020 projects participants involved in projects which are a European contribution to GEO

About Your Presenters

Marie-Francoise Voidrot is responsible for planning and managing interoperability initiatives such as testbeds, pilots and interoperability experiments with an emphasis on activities in Europe. Prior to joining OGC, Mrs Voidrot was Senior Project Manager for numerous meteorological information systems with Meteo-France for Meteo-France but also for major customers in spatial, defense or aeronautical activities.  Hence, she brings a global end to end view of the information systems from production to a large variety of activities. Since 2009 she has also served as member company representative to the OGC and as a co chair of the MetOcean Domain Working Group contributing to the connection between the Met Ocean communities and OGC standards experts. She holds a MS in Informatics from the Ecole Centrale Paris and a MS in Meteorology from the Ecole Nationale de la Meteorologie (French National School in Meteorology) As part of her MS in informatics, she worked on multidimensional data visualisation at the Space Science and Engineering Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Marie-Francoise is involved in both NextGEOSS and e-shape projects.

marie-francoice voidrot

Marie-Francoise Voidrot

Director, Innovation Program, OGC

Herve Caumont Hervé is Terradue’s Operations Officer in charge of supporting science and commercial users on Terradue Cloud Platform. He is coordinating the integration of partner services on the Platform. Hervé is a senior architect in charge of developing and maintaining Terradue's business relationships across international projects and institutions, managing corporate programs for business development, product line innovation, and solutions marketing. He has expertise in the development and transfer to operations of scientific, environmental and military solutions delivering geospatial informations. He holds a Masters of Sciences in Electronics Engineering, and a Masters Degree applied in Remote Sensing and Image Processing from the University of Toulouse.

Herve Caumont 300

Herve Caumont

COO, TerraDue

Emmanuel Pajot is the lead person in EARSC for the MAEOS and eoMALL implementation. Geologist, he is a geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing specialist with over 13 years of experience in field projects and research studies for the Oil & Gas sector. He has demonstrated his ability to work closely with end-user organisations, and to deliver services that met customers’ requirements. With considerable project management expertise, he uses a multidisciplinary approach to develop new innovative tools and methodologies. Emmanuel is involved in both NextGEOSS and e-shape projects.

Emmanuel Pajot

Emmanuel Pajot

Senior Project Manager, EARSC

Bente Lilja Bye has been a member of the GEO community since 2004, engaged both as representative in the GEO plenary, in committees and contributing to the GEO Work Programme, and currently represents Norway on the GEO Programme Board. Bente runs a small research and consultancy company, BLB, focusing on transforming Earth observation data to information and knowledge for societal benefit. She is responsible for Communication, Dissemination and Assessment as partner in NextGEOSS.

bente lilja bye

Bente Lilja Bye