How to Improve the Fragmented Earth Observation Market 

How can Earth observation platforms overcome the main challenges in the Earth observation market?

Friday 26th April at 14:00 CEST 

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What: While there is a growing demand for Earth observation data and Value-Added Services (VAS), the market remains characterized by fragmentation and obstacles to effective discovery, accessibility, and use of data.  

We will describe the fragmented nature of the market. ECMWF and NextGEOSS have both completed surveys in the market that will be presented. You will also hear how NextGEOSS through its data hub and platform functionalities, links to user communities, and pilots, improve the fragmented nature of the Earth observation market.

Why now: Following the publication of Euroconsult’s “NextGEOSS Benefits Assessment” report, we have quantifiable data on the benefits of NextGEOSS, and are in a good position to speak about the benefits of Earth observation platforms more generally and NextGEOSS in particular. The results from ECMWF survey on users requirements are public. 

Who is it for: Policy-makers, academia, and members of the private sector with an interest in Earth Observation

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Bente Lilja Bye


Welcome and hosting by Bente Lilja Bye, BLB The Earth observation market - an overview, Emmanuel Pajot, EARSC ECMWF Climate Data Store User Requirements Survey results, by Julia Wagemann, ECMWF How NextGEOSS contributes to improve the Earth observation market by Simon Seminari, EuroConsult Q&A 

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How to Improve the Fragmented Earth Observation Market

In this webinar you will learn about the Earth observation market, its fragmented character and what users are asking for. The NextGEOSS contribution to improve the market through a one-stop-shop data hub and platform and results from ECMWF users survey will be presented and discussions encouraged.

Join us Friday 26th April at 14:00 CEST to learn and discuss! 

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