Agricultural Monitoring

Time Series Analysis for Agricultural Monitoring

The Time Series Analysis for Agricultural Monitoring pilot has a focus on the analysis of time series of data, both EO-data from satellite missions (Proba-V as time series spanning multiple years and Sentinel-2 as a time series over a growing season), and in-situ measurements related to agronomy and meteo. To realise this, three components are in scope:


  1. Time Series Viewer: as an existing application from the Proba-V Mission Exploitation Platform (MEP), will be extended towards high-resolution vegetation parameters derived from Sentinel-2 which are calculated on the NextGEOSS cloud. This ‘data analytics’ provides the backend for the pilot on Crop Monitoring. A RESTful Web Service endpoint is integrated into the NextGEOSS Data Hub.
  2. Agro STAC viewer: Spatial-Temporal Attribute Catalogue for Agronomy, as a prototype developed by VITO and Alterra in the FP-7 SIGMA project to visualise and explore time series of in-situ data:, will be extended in functionality and the prototype will be operationalised and promoted to relevant user communities. Field data is collected from a number of sites worldwide, mainly agronomy data relevant for calibration/validation purposes in the domain of crop production monitoring by satellite data. Examples of data served by STAC are crop type, phenology, biomass, LAI, yields, canopy height, etc.
  3. WMTS: Guidelines and improved prototype of WMTS will be generated, supporting better the time dimension and tile quality information.


Global Coverage.

To develop the Crop Monitoring Supporting Food Security pilot application, the following data sources were used:

  • Proba-V
  • Copernicus Global Land
  • Vegetation indices derived from Sentinel-2
  • In-situ measurements for agronomy
  • Meteo from different stations worldwide

Many scientific users rely on easy access to long time series of EO data and in-situ data for validation over different test sites worldwide. Governmental users can use the Time Series views as well to get a quick view on the status of vegetation in a specific country, region or point in support of the emergency response. Commercial users, such as insurance companies or farmers can integrate the service into their applications.

Explore NextGEOSS Agriculture community portal to access the Time Series Analysis For Agricultural Monitoring pilot services.

The pilot provides a data analytics backend supporting dashboard where users can explore vegetation indices derived from multiple Earth observation sensors, including Sentinel-2. This backend is integrated into this pilot to support the high-resolution crop monitoring pilot. Also, a tool to visualize and explore time series of in-situ data will be developed and promoted, together with advancements on the OGC standard WMTS regarding time and quality.


Learn more about the pilot results at NextGEOSS Catalogue/ Thematic Areas/Agriculture. You can explore the data sets at Time Series Analysis for Agricultural Monitoring Pilot outputs.