Food Security



The Crop Monitoring Supporting Food Security pilot demonstrates how the NextGEOSS platform can unlock the enormous potential of high-resolution data (e.g. Sentinel-2), where traditionally crop monitoring was done using mainly medium resolution data from various satellite missions and the vegetation parameters from Copernicus Global Land.The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission plays an important role in crop monitoring. The resolution of the satellite enables to derive important information on field level to support farmers, local governments, industry, among others, in their decision making processes. The overall objective of this pilot activity is to demonstrate how NextGEOSS facilitates the use of Sentinel-2 data enabling crop monitoring and field management by supporting different workflows and services. The pilot showcases how the resulting services can be combined to deliver relevant crop-related information to the different user groups without the need to download any data or expert tools. To achieve this, these following requirements are part of this pilot:


  • Integration and easy access of the Sentinel 2 derived vegetation indices through the NextGEOSS data hub
  • Integration and easy access of the Sentinel 2 derived vegetation indices through the NextGEOSS data hub
  • A processing chain processing Sentinel-2 L1C data to vegetation indices towards crop information is demonstrated
  • A phenology processing service will be created to provide real-time crop data through the NextGEOSS cloud
  • Create a community portal that showcases how the different products and services can be used to deliver crop-related information to users
  • Crop monitoring products are defined in collaboration with the industry and the GeoGLAM community
  • A data fusion prototype will be created to showcase the possibilities of combining Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data to obtain full temporal profiles


Testimonial by Bram Janssen, IT Architect at VITO


Pilot regions in Europe (Belgium) and Africa (Mali).

To develop the Crop Monitoring Supporting Food Security pilot application, the following data sources were used:


  • Sentinel 2
  • Sentinel 1
  • Meteo: Rainfall and Temperature

The Crop Monitoring Supporting Food Security pilot addresses existing demands from the Agro-industry, as well as insurance/reinsurance companies, and from organizations like FAO, JRC, and others, who have been showing a clear need for these tools. This pilot will be promoted inside GeoGLAM, which can benefit significantly from the outputs being produced.

Explore NextGEOSS Food Security community portal to access the Crop Monitoring for Food Security pilot services.

The pilot generates high-resolution vegetation indices and service applications, namely the Time Series and Crop Phenology services.


Learn more about the pilot results at NextGEOSS Catalogue/Thematic Areas/Food Security. You can explore the pilot data sets at Crop Monitoring for Food Security Pilot outputs.