Platform Services

Platform Services

The NextGEOSS Data Hub and Platform provide several service integration tools to bring user applications to the next generation European Earth observation system for innovation & business:

Data Cataloging

  • Make your Earth observation data (satellite, in situ) or complementary data sources (citizen science, socio-economic, etc) referenced on the NextGEOSS Data Hub: this will help the GEO community to find the data they need for their activities.
  • Get acknowledged as a data provider within the NextGEOSS Catalogue, increase the global visibility on your data assets and reach a wider GEO community.

Service Cataloging

  • Make your EO data processing services, web applications and / or service delivery resources referenced on the NextGEOSS Data Hub: this will help to promote Earth observation based activities in different sectors.
  • Get acknowledged as a service provider within the NextGEOSS Catalogue, increase the global visibility on your offer, and contribute to the promotion of Earth observation based services in other sectors of activity.

Data Discovery

  •  Make use of the NextGEOSS Data Hub standard API to fetch and consume data resources within your applications.
  • Get high flexibility and robustness for your data sourcing process, tap into distributed data repositories from one place, without the burden of maintaining multiple data access endpoints and protocols.

Cloud Integration

  • Make your data processing algorithm scalable & portable across Cloud Providers, and directly accessible in a standard way. Build applications based on interoperable, distributed systems.
  • Get your web application more robust in exploiting data sources. Benefit from standard integration layers and focus on your core business. Adapt your Cloud deployment strategies as new opportunities come to you.

User Management

  • Make your application’s users authenticated via Single-Sign-On (SSO), and your API calls mediated via Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) in a federated environment.
  • Get intelligent access control to enforce your data or service policies as well as your auditing needs. Bring your applications to the next level of effective management and security.

Geospatial User Feedback

  • Make use of Geospatial User Feedback Service to add user feedback capabilities to resources in your community portal. This will help users to communicate their experiences using your resources or services and, thus, to help build a knowledge base and a collaborative platform for your community portal.
  • Get your community portal more interactive by allowing users to raise voices and supplement the information you already provide about your data. You will benefit from better community engagement and increase trust in your services.

Operations Analytics and Dashboards

  • Make your service or application to natively embark performance & health measurements, feed them to an analytics engine, integrate results as custom views in your own community portal.
  • Get access to operational dashboards to monitor your service or application, and learn from the actual usages of your system.