Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration


NextGEOSS Cloud Integration service provides users with the tools to build, test and deploy data processing algorithms into a scalable cloud infrastructure.  It allows users to integrate, test and share simple data processing functions in a very interactive way. For example – integrating a Standard Web Processing Clients, using Jupyter Notebook. Users benefit from the Continuous Development / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) ecosystem, to deploy Cloud based applications from a dedicated Integration environment to a scalable production environment ( Cloud Bursting). This service is based on Terradue Ellip Solutions.


NextGEOSS Cloud Integration Service also includes a Support Service to the users, via a HelpDesk, and a discussion forum, to create community and interact with other users.

What do you need to do?

If you are interested in deploy your application in NextGEOSS cloud environment,

please fill out our form at INTEGRATE YOUR PILOT

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Service Desk

If you have questions or suggestions, use the service desk to contact us

User Guide

We have prepared a user guide to help you take the most advantage from NextGEOSS Cloud Integration

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Integration of standard Web Processing Using Jupyter Notebook