Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration


The NextGEOSS Cloud Integration service provides users with the tools to integrate, test and validate a scalable data processing service, and make it available as a “Cloud appliance” on the Platform repository for its exploitation in Production.


It allows developer users to deliver data processing capabilities in a very interactive way. They benefit from a Continuous Development / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) work environment, to fully control their applications lifecycle. Applications are validated and versioned in a dedicated Integration environment, and then stored on a Platform repository allowing the application author to define access control rules. Application owners can decide to apply access conditions, e.g. only to their own organisation members, to some registered third-party organisations.


This service is based on the Ellip Solutions operated by Terradue.


The NextGEOSS Cloud Integration service also includes a Support service to developer users, via a Helpdesk and a discussion forum, to create community and interact with other NextGEOSS contributors.

What do you need to do?

If you are interested in deploy your application in NextGEOSS cloud environment,

please fill out our form at INTEGRATE YOUR PILOT

for any further questions:

Service Desk

If you have questions or suggestions, use the service desk to contact us

User Guide

We have prepared a user guide to help you take the most advantage from NextGEOSS Cloud Integration

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Have a look at our training material to keep updated about NextGEOSS Cloud Integration

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