Data Discovery

Data Discovery


At NextGEOSS Data Catalogue, Data Discovery is accessible for you to explore Earth observation data, via standard Application Program Interfaces (APIs), using a simple 2-step data discovery query.


The data discovery APIs are free and based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant inter-operable open standards. Your service / application processing can remotely access these Standard APIs, to systematically feed the data you need from any cloud platform. The Data Discovery is intended as an Machine to Machine (M2M) Application Programming Interface (API) that provides a standardized way of submitting search queries and receiving results via HTTP with a special protocol. The results are returned as XML.


NextGEOSS Catalogue also provides an online User Interface for you to navigate manually through the list of data providers, collections, and data products currently being harvested. You can also explore other Pilot Applications, who are currently being deployed with NextGEOSS Data Hub and Platform.

What do you need to do?

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Community Feedback

NextGEOSS promotes an open share of feedback with our User Feedback Mechanism, which is incorporated NextGEOSS Data Catalogue. The User Feedback Mechanism is based on Geospatial User feedback (GUF) standards, and allows you to share comments, suggestions and rate the Data Catalogue services.

The User Feedback Mechanism can be included in the original data sources, such as Community Portals, Data Catalogues, in a Plug-and-Play manner to collect Feedback on any online resources.

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User Guide

We have prepared a user guide to help you take the most advantage from NextGEOSS Catalogue

Open Source Policies

NextGEOSS Cataloging Service is Open Source, feel free to join our community and contribute