Geospatial User Feedback

Geospatial User Feedback


NextGEOSS Geospatial User Feedback Service maintains a constantly growing user feedback catalogue coming from several data catalogs and community portals such as NextGEOSS Data Hub, Biodiversity Monitoring and Mapping community portal, GeoEssential (ERA-PLANET) network, GroundTruth 2.0 or Protected Areas from Space (ECOPotential).

The Geospatial User Feedback Service is conformant to on OGC Geospatial User feedback (GUF) standards (for encoding), and allows you sharing comments, suggestions and rating the resources in any data catalogue or portal that has this service associated. It also allows linking resources among them as well as to related publications, and to describe resources usage, eventually helping to build the GEO knowledge base. It is based on the MiraMon NiMMbus system that has been extended within NextGEOSS project. It also makes use of OGC OWS Context Atom encoding for search responses and OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) for creating, retrieving, updating and deleting feedback items.

Integration of the service in your system can be done mainly using two strategies, depending on your technical knowledge, the time you can spend and the level of control you want to have. The easiest way is to use the Widget and JavaScript API which provides a widget that can be embedded in your web page for presenting and input feedback. This option is very simple to integrate and only requires basic knowledge on JavaScript, but allows relative low level of flexibility. On the other hand, the complete Web API can be used in a way that NiMMbus client is also used for data input but a personalized presentation for existing feedback items is implemented by the client after analyzing responses of NiMMbus API requests. This second option is more flexible but requires considerable more knowledge on JavaScript programming, including XML parsing and AJAX calls. More information on how to integrate NiMMbus can be found in Integration guide in GitHub.

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User Guide

You can read several documentation on GitHub about the Integration guide, the NiMMbus API and the NiMMbus Client.

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