Analytics and Dashboards

Operations Analytics and Dashboards


NextGEOSS Data Hub and Platform includes an Operations Analytics and Dashboards service, collecting a set of metrics related to your applications and / or service , such as service’ up time, usage statistics, number of datasets cataloged daily, data providers availability and response time, number of users registered along time by country and so on.  In addition, the Operations Analytics and Dashboards provide a set of customizable operational dashboards for you to consult and/or embed in your own portal.


The analytics will show your applications and / or service availability over a time period, the average execution time over a time period, the region of interest, the time range and the failure rate of the service.


For the Data Products, the analytics will show the evolution of the total number of products along time and grouped by tags (e.g. County name, Continent), the products with more feedback inputs received and the most popular products.


Within the Operations Analytics and Dashboards, metrics are collected through a lightweight software package called Beats. These Beats are Data Shippers that can collect information from logs, system, network and forward the information to a node that is able to parse and extract what really matters. This node is called the Logstash, that parse the information received by the different Beats and forwards it to a database, which is a Elasticsearch instance. The operational Dashboards are build on top of the Elasticssearch instance.

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