Summit 2018

  • Second NextGEOSS Summit

    14TH June, GEO/WMO Building – Geneva, Switzerland



The NextGEOSS project builds upon the existing GEOSS, evolving the system of systems where Earth Observation data, information and models (the resources) are easy to discover, access and use. It adds cloud facilities to benefit from cloud scalability to process more data over bigger territories, on longer time series, building bridges between communities and technology. The Second NextGEOSS Summit will showcase that NextGEOSS is making it happen.


The evolution is driven by the NextGEOSS pilots, which is described on NextGEOSS website  and your European community requirements.


This is where you come in! The NextGEOSS beta release is there,  meaning that the project is now ready to on board new pilots, maybe yours, to engage your community  at an early stage allowing impact on the NextGEOSS design.


More importantly, we would like to hear from YOU what you believe GEOSS should be to help us align future works with the best up-to-date vision.


To facilitate the dialogue, we have put together an agenda that reports on the status of the project’s activities putting the user in the core of the process, bridging communities needs and technology to re-inforce the engagement of communities, stimulating  opportunities to share thoughts and ideas in round table discussions and breakout sessions.


We need you to engage now !



  • Morning

    Preliminary Program

    09:00AM – 09:05AM


    09:05AM – 09:30AM

    Scalable Agricultural Services in Action

    9:30AM – 10:00AM

    Keynote speaker TBD

    10:00AM – 11:00AM

    Bridging communities and technology Session 1

    11:00AM – 11:30AM

    Coffee Break & lightning talks on NextGEOSS other Pilots

    11:30AM – 12:00AM

    Bridging communities and technology Session 2

    12:00AM – 12:45PM

    Round table discussion

    12:45PM – 13:00PM

    Demo of beta release of NextGEOSS DataHub

    13:00PM – 13:50PM

    Lunch Break

  • Afternoon

    13:50PM – 14:20PM

    Keynote Speaker

    14:20PM – 15:00PM

    Looking at the future

    15:00PM – 15:30PM

    Coffee and lightning talks from stakeholders on current challenges or communities priorities 

    15:30PM – 16:00PM

    Reporting, Conclusion, and Roundup

Summit in…

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Come and join us at our second NextGEOSS Summit Meeting on June 14th, at the GEO/WMO Building in Geneva, Switzerland.

Already going to the Geo Symposium? Cool! So are we: same place, same venue!

Extend your stay 1 day and go away wiser!