Summit 2019

  • Third NextGEOSS Summit

    1ST – 2ND July 2019, Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Lisbon, Portugal


Leveraging GEO applications for Sustainable Development Goals


This year’s summit will focus on how NextGEOSS can help you to build smart on Earth Observations.


NextGEOSS Platform Services facilitate the implementation of Earth Observation applications in all aspects: from data access, to results delivery including user management, cloud deployment and scalability, analytics, among others! At NextGEOSS Summit we will present more than 10 different success stories from our pilots.


NextGEOSS has opened its data and application catalogues to other projects to help defragment the European Earth Observation Resources leveraging European investment for the future by making these resources more findable and accessible. NextGEOSS Summit will be a great opportunity to identify and promote further collaborations, and discuss future sustainability of the unique capacities developed by the project!



The NextGEOSS Summit is free but for planning purposes it is necessary for you to register (see below). Please, register today!


Hope to see you soon!


NextGEOSS offers FREE 1/2 DAY TRAINING 2nd July after the Summit!

Build Smart on Earth Observation – Summit 2019 Training


Read about it and register for the on-site training HERE! 



  • DAY 1

    1st July 



    09:00 – 09:50 : INTRODUCTION

    Summit introductionby Nuno Catarino, NextGEOSS Project Coordinator

    Technological Challenges in Big Earth Observation Data Analysisby Gilberto Câmera, GEO Secretariat Director


    09:50-10:10 SESSION 1/ Onboarding

    NextGEOSS Onboarding Process Introduction – by Marie-Francoise Voidrot (OGC)

    User Engagement – by Marie-Francoise Voidrot (OGC)


    10:10-10:30 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation – Data Needs and Assessment

    Data Needs and Assessment in action for the Energy and Disasters NextGEOSS Pilots – by Lionel Menard (Armines) & Haris Kontoes (NOA)


    10:30-11:00 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation – Data Discovery

    Data Discovery in action for Territorial Planning, and Space and Security NextGEOSS Pilots –  by Nuno Grosso (DEIMOS) and Paula Saameno (SatCen)

    NextGEOSS Data Discovery Service – by Jovanka Gulicoska (Datopian)


    11:00-11:20 Coffee in Atrium


    11:20-11:55 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation – Data Cataloguing

    EBVs and In Situ Data Cataloguing for the Biodiversity and Cold Regions NextGEOSS Pilots – by Elnaz Neinavez (UT) & Markus Fiebig (NILU)

    Data cataloguing by Joao Andrade (DEIMOS)


    11:55-12:20 SESSION 2/  Data Cataloguing extension as a new NextGEOSS Offer to defragmentize the European EO resources

    NextGEOSS offer on Data cataloguing for other H2020 Projects – by Joao Andrade (DEIMOS)

    Plan4All  and EPOS testimonials on NextGEOSS Data Cataloguing for external projects – by Dmitrij Kozhuk (Plan4All) & Francesco Casu (CNR)


    12:20 – 12:35 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation Question & Answers

    Round table


    12:35 – 13:00 SESSION 3/ Platform Setup 

    Platform Setup activities – by Hervé Caumont (Terradue) and Bjorn Backeberg (EGI)


     13:00 – 14:30 Lunch Break 


    14:30-16:10 SESSION 4/ Platform Integration 

    NextGEOSS User Management in action for the Food Security and Air Pollution in Megacities Pilots – by Bram Janssen (VITO) & Julian Meyer (DLR)

    NextGEOSS User Management Service – by Hector Rodriguez (DEIMOS)  

    NextGEOSS Cloud Integration for the Energy, Biodiversity, and Space and Security Pilots – by Lionel Ménard (Armines), Sander Mucher (WENR), Paula Saameno(SatCen)

    Testimonial from the NextGEOSS Disasters Pilot and NOA – by  Haris Kontoes (NOA)  

    NextGEOSS Cloud Integration Service – by  Hervé Caumont (Terradue) 

    A Cloud agnostic application in action: success story of Space and Security Pilot deployed on different Cloud providers – by Paula Saameno (SatCen) & Hervé Caumont (Terradue)

    NextGEOSS Cloud Bursting Service – by Hervé Caumont (Terradue)


    16:10-16:35 Coffee in Atrium


    16:35-17:15 SESSION 4/ Platform Integration 

    User Feedback in action in Biodiversity Pilot and CKAN – by Sander Mucher (WENR) & Michelle Cortes (Datopian)

    Geospatial User Feedback Service – by Alaitz Zabala (UAB)


    17:15-17:55 SESSION 5/ Operations

    NextGEOSS Operations Analytics and Support in Action for Space and Security, and Cold Regions NextGEOSS Pilots – by Paula Saameno (SatCen) & Torill Hamre (NERSC)

    Operations Analytics and Dashboards – by Koushik Panda (DEIMOS)

    User support – by Joao Andrade (DEIMOS)


    17:55-18:00 WRAP UP OF THE DAY

  • DAY 2

    2nd July



    09:00 – 09:45 : INTRODUCTION 

    Introduction – by Izabela Freytag (EASME) and Nuno Catarino, NextGEOSS Project Coordinator

    NextGEOSS Onboarding 5 Steps – by Marie-Françoise Voidrot (OGC)

    Food security NextGEOSS Pilot enhancing all 5 steps and benefits from NextGEOSS – by Bram Janssen (VITO)


    09:45-10:25 SESSION 6/ The 3 NEXTGEOSS OFFERS

    The 3 NextGEOSS offers – by Bente Lilja Bye (BLB) 

    Marine Pilot Testimony – by Marion Sutton (CLS)

    H2020 Co-Resyf Testimony – by Koushik Panda (DEIMOS)

    ECOPOTENTIAL Testimony – by Hervé Caumont (Terradue) 


    10:25-10:50 Hackathons as an alternative engagement approach  

    Hackathons as an alternative engagement approach – by Bente Lilja Bye (BLB) 

    Testimonies from EUXDAT and DataBio – by Dmitrii Kozhukh (Plan4All) & Arne Berre (SINTEF)


    10:50-11:20 NextGEOSS Integration and Engagement Q&A   

    Round table: Ideas for proposal in a next H2020 Call, NextGEOSS in Horizon Europe


    11:20-11:45 Coffee in Atrium


    11:45- 12:05 NextGEOSS Sustainability – by Simon Seminari, EuroCONSULT 


    12:05-12:25: EuroGEOSS  – by Marjan Van Meerlo (EC)


    12:25 – 12:45: Contribution to GEOSS, EuroGEOSS, and SDGs – by Nuno Catarino (DEIMOS)


    12:45-13:00 Wrap up and Conclusion – by Nuno Catarino (DEIMOS)


    13:00-14:30 Lunch Break (not included)






    NEXTGEOSS Advisory Board Meeting


Join us at our third NextGEOSS Summit Meeting on July 1st and 2nd, at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Largo José Mariano Gago, 1990-071 Lisbon, Portugal.

Already going to the EuroGEOSS workshop? Cool! So are we: same place, same venue!

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