Summit Agenda 2019

  • Third NextGEOSS Summit

    1ST – 2ND July 2019, Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Lisbon, Portugal

    Agenda with presentations



  • DAY 1

    1st July 



    09:00 – 09:50 : INTRODUCTION

    Summit introductionby Nuno Catarino, NextGEOSS Project Coordinator

    Technological Challenges in Big Earth Observation Data Analysisby Gilberto Câmera, GEO Secretariat Director


    09:50-10:10 SESSION 1/ Onboarding

    NextGEOSS Onboarding Process Introduction – by Marie-Francoise Voidrot (OGC)

    User Engagement – by Marie-Francoise Voidrot (OGC)


    10:10-10:30 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation – Data Needs and Assessment

    Data Needs and Assessment in action for the Energy and Disasters NextGEOSS Pilots – by Lionel Menard (Armines) & Haris Kontoes (NOA)


    10:30-11:00 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation – Data Discovery

    Data Discovery in action for Territorial Planning, and Space and Security NextGEOSS Pilots –  by Nuno Grosso (DEIMOS) and Paula Saameno (SatCen)

    NextGEOSS Data Discovery Service – by Jovanka Gulicoska (Datopian)


    11:00-11:20 Coffee in Atrium


    11:20-11:55 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation – Data Cataloguing

    EBVs and In Situ Data Cataloguing for the Biodiversity and Cold Regions NextGEOSS Pilots – by Elnaz Neinavez (UT) & Markus Fiebig (NILU)

    Data cataloguing by Joao Andrade (DEIMOS)


    11:55-12:20 SESSION 2/  Data Cataloguing extension as a new NextGEOSS Offer to defragmentize the European EO resources

    NextGEOSS offer on Data cataloguing for other H2020 Projects – by Joao Andrade (DEIMOS)

    Plan4All  and EPOS testimonials on NextGEOSS Data Cataloguing for external projects – by Dmitrij Kozhuk (Plan4All) & Francesco Casu (CNR)


    12:20 – 12:35 SESSION 2/ Data Preparation Question & Answers

    Round table


    12:35 – 13:00 SESSION 3/ Platform Setup 

    Platform Setup activities – by Hervé Caumont (Terradue) and Bjorn Backeberg (EGI)


     13:00 – 14:30 Lunch Break 


    14:30-16:10 SESSION 4/ Platform Integration 

    NextGEOSS User Management in action for the Food Security and Air Pollution in Megacities Pilots – by Bram Janssen (VITO) & Julian Meyer (DLR)

    NextGEOSS User Management Service – by Hector Rodriguez (DEIMOS)  

    NextGEOSS Cloud Integration for the Energy, Biodiversity, and Space and Security Pilots – by Lionel Ménard (Armines), Sander Mucher (WENR), Paula Saameno(SatCen)

    Testimonial from the NextGEOSS Disasters Pilot and NOA – by  Haris Kontoes (NOA)  

    NextGEOSS Cloud Integration Service – by  Hervé Caumont (Terradue) 

    A Cloud agnostic application in action: success story of Space and Security Pilot deployed on different Cloud providers – by Paula Saameno (SatCen) & Hervé Caumont (Terradue)

    NextGEOSS Cloud Bursting Service – by Hervé Caumont (Terradue)


    16:10-16:35 Coffee in Atrium


    16:35-17:15 SESSION 4/ Platform Integration 

    User Feedback in action in Biodiversity Pilot and CKAN – by Sander Mucher (WENR) & Michelle Cortes (Datopian)

    Geospatial User Feedback Service – by Alaitz Zabala (UAB)


    17:15-17:55 SESSION 5/ Operations

    NextGEOSS Operations Analytics and Support in Action for Space and Security, and Cold Regions NextGEOSS Pilots – by Paula Saameno (SatCen) & Torill Hamre (NERSC)

    Operations Analytics and Dashboards – by Koushik Panda (DEIMOS)

    User support – by Joao Andrade (DEIMOS)


    17:55-18:00 WRAP UP OF THE DAY

  • DAY 2

    2nd July



    09:00 – 09:45 : INTRODUCTION 

    Introduction – by Izabela Freytag (EASME) and Nuno Catarino, NextGEOSS Project Coordinator

    NextGEOSS Onboarding 5 Steps – by Marie-Françoise Voidrot (OGC)

    Food security NextGEOSS Pilot enhancing all 5 steps and benefits from NextGEOSS – by Bram Janssen (VITO)


    09:45-10:25 SESSION 6/ The 3 NEXTGEOSS OFFERS

    The 3 NextGEOSS offers – by Bente Lilja Bye (BLB) 

    Marine Pilot Testimony – by Marion Sutton (CLS)

    H2020 Co-Resyf Testimony – by Koushik Panda (DEIMOS)

    ECOPOTENTIAL Testimony – by Hervé Caumont (Terradue) 


    10:25-10:50 Hackathons as an alternative engagement approach  

    Hackathons as an alternative engagement approach – by Bente Lilja Bye (BLB) 

    Testimonies from EUXDAT and DataBio – by Dmitrii Kozhukh (Plan4All) & Arne Berre (SINTEF)


    10:50-11:20 NextGEOSS Integration and Engagement Q&A   

    Round table: Ideas for proposal in a next H2020 Call, NextGEOSS in Horizon Europe


    11:20-11:45 Coffee in Atrium


    11:45- 12:05 NextGEOSS Sustainabilityby Simon Seminari, EuroCONSULT 


    12:05-12:25: EuroGEOSS  – by Marjan Van Meerlo (EC)


    12:25 – 12:45: Contribution to GEOSS, EuroGEOSS, and SDGs – by Nuno Catarino (DEIMOS)


    12:45-13:00 Wrap up and Conclusion – by Nuno Catarino (DEIMOS)


    13:00-14:30 Lunch Break (not included)






    NEXTGEOSS Advisory Board Meeting